Student Groups

Visiting New York with a school/tour group? Let The Broadway Workshop customize one of the workshops below — and make your group’s New York Experience even more unforgettable.

For more info on Group Workshops email us at or call us at 212.262.2636

Broadway Rehearsal Workshop

This session is taught by Broadway performers from the show your group is seeing during its visit. Sheet music will be provided to the group, who will then work with a cast member and a pianist. The workshop recreates a true Broadway rehearsal with students learning the choreography, staging, and music directly from the Broadway production they are seeing, or the Broadway show of your choice. Run Time: 90 Minutes.


Dance Workshop

Group will work with Broadway dancer on original choreography from a Broadway Show (Wicked, Mary Poppins, Hairspray, West Side Story etc.) Run Time: 60 or 90 Minutes.


Theatre Games/Improv Workshop

Group will work with professional actor/teacher on improv and Theatre Games. Students will actively participate during this fast-paced and fun session. After a short warm-up session, students engage in improvisational exercises designed to heighten focus, creativity, quick thinking and sensitivity to others. Run Time: 60 or 90 Minutes.


Stage Combat

This workshop gets students on their feet to learn the secrets of simulated combat. Trained professionals take your students behind the scenes to discover how fights and combat are choreographed on stage. In this thrilling workshop, safety and collaboration are the focus of the session. Participants actively enjoy simulated combat during the entire class, and safely walk away learning some valuable techniques. Run Time: 60 or 90 Minutes.