2017 Industry Showcase – Casting Announced

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Industry Showcase Night, produced by Broadway Workshop and The Random Farms Kids’ Theater!

If you were not selected this year, please do not be too discouraged! We saw so many dedicated and passionate young performers and just did not have space to accommodate all the talent we saw. This event is produced annually and we welcome you to try out again next year. There are also many other ways to get involved at Random Farms and Broadway Workshop, whether you are looking to take a class or perform in a show. Check out our websites to see what’s coming up!

Please note that, due to the high volume of performers who attended this event, we are not able to provide feedback on your audition.

A special thank you to the parents for their time and dedication in helping their children pursue their dreams. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you soon!

If you have been cast in the showcase, you will receive an email with more info on what comes next! Please only contact us if you are not accepting your space in the showcase.

The showcase rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29 @ 4pm-8:30pm in Elmsford and the final rehearsal and showcase will take place on Monday, December 4 @ 4pm-8:15pm in NYC.

Ellie Balanoff
Harrison Beckwith
William Citrin
Cavan Clancy
Juliana Cote
Robbie Crandall
Nicholas Cuadra
Leah Cunningham
Ryan D’Ambrosio
Dasha Dakkuri
Benjamin Danlasky
Juliana Dees
Gianna Depreta
Tate DeRias
Josie Dring
Castor Feinberg
Harrison Fox
Elsa Franks
Alyana Frias
Tom Gibney
Caleb Grasheim
Abigail Greenblatt
Lucy Grunden
Mylee Hauser
Chloe Hogan
Sophia LaCorte
Titus Landegger
Kevin Larsen
Casey Leff
Dylan Lemberg
Lauren MacGillivray
John Mahanna
Audrey and Annie Matte
Sophia Mazzei
Jack McDonagh
Caleb Paul
Hillary Poetsch
Emma Ramirez
Skylar Robinson
Camila Sander
Leonid Shynder
Sebastian Sinclair
Jake Sperling
Roxi Starkman
Hudson Warm

 there is ONE required rehearsal in Elmsford, NY. 
Wednesday, November 29 (Elmsford, NY)
The Random Farms Performing Arts Center
77 Executive Blvd, Elmsford, NY 10523

Monday, December 4 (NYC)
Performers must be present 4:00pm – 8:15pm
Showcase performance will begin at 7:15pm
777 Theater
777 Eighth Avenue (between 47th and 48th Streets), New York, NY 11220

Cost: The Industry Showcase is a FREE EVENT. There is NO cost to audition or participate.