Visiting New York with a school/tour group? Let The Broadway Workshop customize one or more of the workshops below — and make your group’s New York Experience even more unforgettable. We can also create full day or week-long programing that is fully customizable for your visiting group. Students will have the unforgettable opportunity to work with Broadway’s best in our group workshops!

  • Minimum Group Size: 25* (not including chaperones)
  • Cost: Starts at $20/student

*If your group is fewer than 25 students,  e-mail us — we can often accomodate smaller groups, although the per-student cost may be affected.

For more info and for current pricing for our Group Workshops email us at or call us at 212.262.2636

Broadway Rehearsal or Choir Workshop

Our most popular workshop! This session is taught by a Broadway performer from the show your group is seeing during your visit. Sheet music will be provided to the group, who will then work with a cast member and one of Broadway Workshop’s musical directors. The workshop recreates a true Broadway rehearsal with students learning the choreography, staging, and music directly from the Broadway production they are seeing, or the Broadway show of your choice. Choir Workshops focus on learning vocal parts from the score, then students meet a cast member from the Broadway company.  Available as a 60 or 90 minute workshop.

Dance Workshop

Group will work with Broadway dancer on original choreography from a Broadway Show (Wicked, Mary Poppins, Hairspray, West Side Story etc.)  Guest teacher will lead group in full warm up at the start of the class. Class will end with Q & A with our Broadway guest.  60 or 90 minute workshop.

Theatre Games/Improv Workshop

Group will work with professional actor/teacher on improv and Theatre Games. Students will actively participate during this fast-paced and fun session. After a short warm-up session, students engage in improvisational exercises designed to heighten focus, creativity, quick thinking and sensitivity to others. 60 or 90 minute workshop.

Stage Combat

This workshop gets students on their feet to learn the secrets of simulated combat. Trained professionals take your students behind the scenes to discover how fights and combat are choreographed on stage. In this thrilling workshop, safety and collaboration are the focus of the session. Participants actively enjoy simulated combat during the entire class, and safely walk away learning some valuable techniques. 60 or 90 minute workshop.

Business of the Business Seminar

Guest speaker will talk to group on how to create a career in the New York musical theatre market. This seminar focuses on: photos, resumes, agents, managers, casting directors, open calls, mailings, unions, survival jobs, audition material, creating a business plan and many other important aspects of the performing arts. This seminar will conclude with a Q&A for students to ask their own questions regarding this class. 60 minute workshop.

Meet The Artist Q&A

Groups will meet a cast member from the Broadway show of their choice in a professional rehearsal studio. In this private question and answer session, students will gain insights into what it’s like to be a Broadway actor in New York City. 60 minute workshop.

The Audition Workshop

Students will work with a Broadway guest teacher and one of Broadway Workshop’s musical directors on song interoperation, music selection and the audition process in this workshop. Students will need to have sheet music in advance of this workshop. This workshop is for advanced level groups. The time for this workshop is based on the number of students performing.

Make Up Workshop

Students will work with a Broadway make-up artist in this interactive session. Our guest teacher will have a few volunteers from the group become part of the excitement of what it is like to get ready for a Broadway musical.  Students will learn different make up techniques, how to apply them and the secrets of how Broadway’s most famous looks are created. 60 or 90 minute workshop. 

Anti Bullying Workshop

This interactive workshop will help build confidence and allow students to use theatre as a tool to begin the discussion of what bullying means and strategies for dealing with bullying. The focus of this workshop is finding ways to empower students to be themselves in every situation. Our Broadway guest teachers will use theatre, improv and role playing games to bring this discussion to the classroom. 60 or 90 minute workshop. 

Broadway Quick Change

Your group will find out the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes at some of Broadway’s hottest shows. A Broadway dresser will lead the group through a quick change as it actually happens back stage. In this workshop students will volunteer to be our class stars and jump into the shoes of a Broadway actor during the quick change. Our teaching artist will lead the group in a fun discussion that not only include quick changes, but also what goes on during tech and during the run of some of Broadway’s longest running musicals. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about the many different careers available working in the theatre and finally they will be joined by a Broadway Actor to add in their experience working on and backstage! 90 minute workshop. 

HAMILTION Experience

HAMILTON DANCE WORKSHOP – Broadway’s biggest hit musical – HAMILTON comes to our students in an interactive movement workshop. Students will be joined by a cast member from Hamilton and will learn choreography inspired by this incredible ground breaking musical. Each workshop will start with a physical warm up, then our special guest teacher will lead students through a movement workshop, utilizing music from Hamilton. This workshop will conclude with a Q&A with our Hamilton guest and our students. 60 or 90 minute workshop. 

HAMILTON MEET THE ARTIST – Groups will meet a cast member from Broadway’s biggest hit musical HAMILTON in a professional rehearsal studio. In this private question and answer session, students will gain insights into what it’s like to be a Broadway actor in New York City. Our guest teacher will talk about their experience working on Hamilton, the creation of the show, their rehearsal experience and share their favorite back stage and on stage stories. 60 minute workshop. 

Hamilton themed workshops are subject to availability. 


“Broadway Workshop is highly engaging for the students. It is a great way for your music and theatre students to see and learn the depth that goes into the process of being a performer. The students leave the workshops with a wealth of knowledge and are motivated to see the Broadway show.”
-Mark Bunce, Central Valley Academy


“I have sent many groups to Broadway Workshop over the past few years. The groups always have a great time. In fact, many teachers tell me it is the highlight of their trip! The staff makes sure every group has a unique experience and they are so easy and accommodating to work with. Whenever a group is seeing a show – whether they are a drama group or not – I always recommend a Broadway Workshop to round out their experience. And, of course they are never disappointed!
Geri Shumer, Fantastic Tours


“Learning lyrics and choreography gave the students a real feel for the show. They enjoyed meeting a cast member and looked for her during the production later that day. They also loved seeing what they had learned being performed on stage during the actual performance. The students were also able to apply their own musical education and knowledge when learning the lyrics. It’s a wonderful hands-on experience!”
-Stacey Drucker, Manorhaven Elementary School


“Thank you SO much for a great Something Rotten workshop. My kids had a great time, learned a ton, and were in complete awe of their teachers Randy Redd and Beth Nicely.  Beth was so gracious at the show as my kids swarmed her for autographs and pictures. The show was, of course, amazing!  It’s such a pleasure to see my students experience theater in every way. Thank you for making their day special, memorable, and challenging! As usual, it was a great time with Broadway workshop!!”
   – Andrea Perdicho, Brewster HS theater


“You were so wonderful with handling our requests and schedule, your hard work did not go unnoticed by the parents yesterday. They were so grateful for the opportunity their children had at The Broadway Workshop….and thank you  for creating such a great program. I know our kids will be back….again, a million thousand thanks!”
Elizabeth N. Synnott, Performer/Voice Teacher



“Thank you for a wonderful experience with my coed group of 8th graders. One of the highlights for the students on our 2016 trip was the Broadway Workshop experience. We worked with Randy Redd & Tess Ferrell learning a song & dance from Wicked. From the moment we walked into the beautiful Alvin Ailey studio we felt welcome. This was not a group of performers participating in this workshop. This was just an average group of students. A few of the students do enjoy singing but are not in a formal choir. Both of our Teachers immediately got the students involved. They challenged the kids to get out of their comfort zones and pushed them to do better without embarrassing or belittling them. I was honestly surprised that my male students were as into it as the female students were. I was thrilled that all students were totally interested and participated. The students really enjoyed the Q&A session after the workshop. Tess & Randy really answered honestly about their experiences that got them to where they were. It was also great that Tess told them the roles she would be playing that night in Wicked on Broadway. This was an experience they were talking about for the rest of the trip as well as since we have returned home. Thank you for including all students and giving them an experience they will remember forever.”
-Karla Jones, Kraemer Middle School


Looking for tickets for your group? Please contact our group sales partner, Broadway GPS. 

Looking for tickets for your group? Please contact our group sales partner, Broadway GPS.